Recycling Centers



Have you ever wondered what happens to your recyclables once they are picked up at your curb or from your business?  When recycling activities were first getting started, you were probably required to sort items into separate bins or containers.  Today recycling is convenient and easy!

Republic drivers collect co-mingled items like paper, aluminum and plastic and take their loads to Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where machines quicken the pace for sorting the materials. 

Once your recycle material is at the MRF, it is placed on a concrete pad and a loader moves it onto the first conveyor belt. The recyclable material is conveyed to the pre-sort work station where employees remove garbage, non-recyclable items and large pieces of cardboard before the remaining material reaches the screens. Additional processing is done using conveyor belts, screens, magnets, balers and eddy current.

The sorting screen lifts the paper (flats) over the top while the food and beverage containers (rounds) roll off the bottom. The paper is conveyed to the baler where it is packaged and ready to sell to the end user who makes new paper.

The food and beverage containers are conveyed to the container sort line where employees separate out the plastics, and strong magnets remove the tin cans and an eddy current removes the aluminum.

Materials are sorted into their individual container types called bunkers until they are taken to the packaging area. The materials are dumped on the floor and pushed into a machine called a baler. The baler moves the materials around and they are formed into squares, or bales, and secured with thick wire.

The resulting bales are stacked and ready for shipment to market. The bales are loaded onto large truck trailers and taken to companies which buy the material and recycle it into new items, like cereal boxes or plastic beverage containers! Glass is the only item not baled.

All Republic facilities are fully compliant with all state and federal environmental laws. We take great pride in fulfilling our mission: Protecting the environment while providing an essential public service.

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