Residential Recycling

lady sitting with rec can

The average American produces over 1,400 pounds of trash each year.  This is one reason that we believe having an easy, reliable recycling program at home is one of the best ways to help our community and our environment.

Republic has always been proud to be doing our part to extend the earth’s precious natural resources.  We believe that the Chattanooga community can make recycling work and we all make a difference.

One primary way we achieve our collective goals is by working hand in hand with municipalities, neighborhoods and community groups in the Chattanooga area to help them meet their recycling and sustainability goals.

Republic takes pride in being an integral part of the communities we service.  Our Municipal Managers introduce to our partners the most user-friendly programs available in the market today.  Our programs are easy to implement and encourage participation by all residents through innovations and rewards. Most recently, we have partnered with RecycleBank in the Chattanooga market. This partnership makes it not only good for our community and environment to recycle, but now it pays you back. Through this exciting program, each individual homeowner has the opportunity to track the amount of material they recycle and earn rewards for their participation.

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